Photo Imaging
Photo imaging takes photography to a whole new level.  Enhancing and manipulating images are very effective for many applications such as: correcting manufacturing product flaws, creating rendered landscaped and remodelled interior images to start early marketing, applying special effects for new concepts.  Bottom line, fotomedia has endless applications and ideas in making your images look superior over your competitors to increase awareness, business traffic and save you time and money.
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Sample 1
Here is motel and marina establishment under construction.  fotomedia was able to complete the final exterior look before the renovations were actually completed. It was now possible to start marketing and taking reservations in advance.
After Photo Imaging
Below are some samples of the possibilities and the benefits with Photo Imaging.
The after samples 1-4 shows the newly renovated and remodelled Bayside Inn.  Photo Imaging gave the already open for business look and made it possible for advance reservations on the internet and through printed brochures. Photo renderings is also a great method for presentations to attract investors with out putting out the big expense first.
Sample 2
After Photo Imaging
Sample 3
After Photo Imaging
After Photo Imaging
Sample 4
Sample 4 shows furniture placed  in suite before it was even delivered.  This saved time of posting photo on the web.
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 5, 7, 8 shows how multiple images can be combined
Sample 6 shows how special Photo Imaging  effects can be utilized.
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9
       Table Top Graphics
                         Bar Top Graphics
CD Cover
More Photo Imaging effects